Contribution As a Guru

What disciples say?

“My Guruji Shri. Amod Dandageji is a unique combination having the three basic qualities in an artist a Composer, Teacher & Performer par excellence, a person sufficing for the intellectual & Sonority of the aesthetics in Tabla with a vast knowledge of traditional compositions of all the six schools. An innovative person experimenting new ideas & formulas in expandable compositions equivalent to the traditional compositions. A Visionary developing the same in his pupil.”

Mayuresh Vast (M.A. Tabla)- Lecturer (Goa University).

“At a stage, when I found myself confused and unsatisfied with my progress in Tabla playing,

During workshop
I turned to Amod sir for guidance.When I actually started learning tabla from Amod Sir, within a few days, I found that almost all of my problems got solved without even telling or discussing those with him. I feel, as a Guru, he understands the pros and cons of playing and mainly thinks of his students. Further he always finds and provides simple solutions to overcome the problems of students.

His friendly nature helps a lot and students ask him any childish doubts in tabla and music without any fear in mind. After a few lessons from him, my thinking and playing changed and though I may be behind I always feel confident that I am on the right path....”

Harish Moghe ( M.C.A.)

“A dedicated guru, Shri Amod Dandge, is an artist of very high caliber and he treats his student with great care and teaches the student taking into consideration his pluses and minuses. Amod ji strictly follows all the Gharana rules in his recital and his 'Peshkar' is a treat to all trained tabla players. He has in his repertoire a great collection of traditional compositions from various styles in addition to his own created compositions in Tabla. His balance of 'Daayan' and 'Bayaan' is excellent. His solo performances and accompaniment skills are applauded by 'Bujurg' artists in the field. I feel fortunate to receive Taleem from a very humble, multi faceted Guru Amod Dandgeji."

Pradip kulkarni (Sangeet Alankar) Tabla Artist

Conducting workshop for over 50 students at karad in 1997 “Being the pass-out student of Lalit Kala Kendra (Gurukul), University of Pune, I had opportunity to meet Shri. Amod Dandageji and get valuable inputs on Tabla . I still remember his first lecture of Tabla, which took place in the store room of the Department. From the very first day, I was very much impressed by his knowledge and teaching style. Each and every student of Music from under graduate level upto post graduate level respects Amodji for his deep knowledge of the subject. Amod ji is a dedicated guru and has in-depth knowledge of Shastra of tabla. He is a top-class solo performer, accompanist and also a composer. It is very rare to have all these qualities, but Amodji, with the Taleem he received and his hard work, has made it possible. Amodji not only taught us the theory of the tabla but gave us the detailed knowledge of every aspect of the tabla, some of these are Tihais, Taal Shastra, Gats, Chakkradhars, Kaydas, Relas, Tukras etc.. Amodji's analysis of the repertoire of tabla is based on logic and practicality, which is the most significant quality of him. Amodji has written two books on tabla 1)Sarvangin tabla & 2)Talarnav. These books tell about his detailed study and are of immense help to Tabla learners.”

Nikhil Bhagat ( M.A.) Pune University

“While studying at Lalit Kala Kendra Gurukul, university of pune, I could learn a lot in detail about the various aspects of not only tabla but also Indian classical music from our professor Mr. Amod Dandage. Since his lectures included practical demonstrations, I had a wider outlook towards the subject. His art of explaining a certain subject, by giving examples close to it, is very appreciative. Most important is his positive attitude while teaching students. What I observed during his lectures was his self learning nature while teaching us any subject in detail.

Due to this quality, I was always sure I will get a solution to my query whenever I approach him. In short, I would say that professor Amod Dandage is the best example of an ideal professor. After passing out from Lalit Kala Kendra I am missing him very much!!!”

Sachin Pawgi ( M.A., Gold Medalist ) Pune University

"Guruji Shri Amod Dandage's guidance has given me valuable inputs in this wonderful instrument. He takes great efforts on "Nikas" of each and every "bol" so that it comes out clean, effective and sonorous to ears while playing. His balance of 'daayan & baayan' is amazing.

He has a great collection of old traditional compositions and plays those with great ease and precision. He patiently teaches all these compositions to the disciples. I feel blessed to get taleem from Guruji on various aspects of Tabla like nikas, thought process, aesthetic sense, riyaz and its application etc."

Deepak Dabhade (Sangeet Alankar)
Conducting workshop at Miraj in 2010 in the presence of Honorable MLA Shri. Suresh Khade.