Amod is one of the highly acclaimed Tabla artists and a worthy representative of the younger generation of the famous Farrukhabad Gharana. He hails from a family with a remarkably musical, cultural and spiritual heritage. Amod was first introduced to Tabla by his elder brother Late Pramod Dandage at the tender age of ten. ‘Pramod’ laid the foundation for the stupendous intellectual prowess and maturity in tabla-playing which Amod has attained to, over the years. As a versatile, talented, enthused and diligent student, he displayed an extraordinary skill and an amazing progress in Tabla playing. This paved the way for his keen interest and exploration into the various facets of tabla-playing.

     Amod received "Taleem" from the renowned Gurus like Ust. Mamhulal Sangaonkar and Pandit Omkar Gulwadi. He is fortunate to receive seena-b-seena taleem (tutelege at intimate quarters) from one of the most eminent and renowned Tabla Artist Pandit Arvind Mulgaonkar. Amod humbly admits that it is due to Mulgaonkar Guruji's taleem, that he could get nuances of six gharanas (styles) in Tabla. He has achieved great honor in solo Tabla performance.

      His rigorous training and efforts, his faith in his art, are equally responsible for his success in his sphere. He is also a recipient of the ‘Master of Arts’ degree in Tabla from Shivaji University, and of the prestigious degree of ‘ SANGEET ALANKAR’ ( in Tabla ) ,– he being the first-ever recipient of this degree in his hometown. Because of his twenty years of experience as a teacher in his art, he is accepted as a ‘Guru,’ the respectable guide, by many of the experts in his faculty and in the various universities in India. Amod’s scholarship, his deep study of his subject and his all-round thinking about his art is highlighted in his two books – ‘ Sarvangin Tabla ’ a book written in his mother tongues Marathi and ‘ Talarnav ’ – a book written in his national language Hindi. Entrusted with work of book of Music for Teacher and Students of A.B.G.M.V. Mandal, Mumbai. in respect of Tabla Curriculum.

      With vast experience as a Guru, his lectures, workshops are a regular feature in Lalit Kala Kendra, University of Pune and many such renowned institutes all over India. As an Accompanist, Amod has accompanied with a number of Indian Classical singers viz. Shruti Sadolikar ( Katkar ), Dhondutai Kulkarni, Pt. Venkatesh Kumar, Pt. Anandbua Limaye, Jayashri Patanekar, Pt. Poonchwale, Pt. Panchkrishnabua Mattikatti, Malati Bidkar, Pt. Vikas Kashalkar, Pt. Arun Kashalkar, Dr. Raja Kale, Meeta Pandit, Jaytirth Meundi and also Instrumentalist such as Ust. Usman Khan, Shank- Neel, Sudhir Phadke, Maruti Patil (Sitar), Pt. Anand Murdeshwar, Pt. Nityanand Haldipur (Flute), Pt. Purshottam Walawalkar, Pt. Manohar Chimote, Dr. Sudhanshu Kulkarni, Shri.Vishwanath Kanhere (Harmonium), Pradip Barot (Sarod).

Amod ji also teaches via's virtual classroom.